Saturday, August 8, 2009

Well-Tech Award 2009

The Well-Tech Award 2009 international competition for technological innovation, held for the eighth time this year, has been announced.

Every year the international Well-Tech Award is presented to sixty products / technologies / projects that stand out for their technological innovation and values of sustainability, accessibility and quality of life.
From cars to home appliances, from environmentally friendly materials to new forms of renewable energy, from toys to medical systems.The assessment criteria include reduction of consumption, application of renewable materials and energies, ease of use by the elderly and the disabled, safety, visibility and easy comprehension of components, appropriate use of productive technologies and materials, and the product’s qualitative, functional and communicative values.
Every year the Well-Tech Observatory constantly monitors the world of production and research to record and census hundreds of products worldwide. Sixty innovations that stand out internationally for their technological innovation and values of accessibility, sustainability and quality of life are nominated for the award.
Entrants may nominate 1 to 3 products / technologies / projects that meet Well-Tech’s selection criteria for the Well-Tech Award 2009.



MINI Design Award 2009. "New air in town."

The fifth edition of the competition for young Italian students of design organised by MINI in collaboration with IED, with the participation of ADI.
Projects must be submitted by September 7.

Entrants are asked to "simplify, rationalise and redesign all the objects and systems that are meant to improve our cities without harming the environment".
The competition announcements says: "In order to address the issue of the environment we must improve what already exists and take away rather than add. Bruno Munari said that 'progress means simplifying things, not complicating them'."
After last year’s theme, "Adding value to water", the concept from which entrants are to draw inspiration this year is "New air in town".
The competition is intended for young creative artists, graphics artists, fine artists, architects and designers, Italian citizens or foreign citizens working in Italy aged 18 to 35; it includes two separate competitions focusing on the same theme: a competition on invitation for young professionals and one open to the public.

Projects must be submitted by September 7. Awards ceremony and exhibition before the end of the year.




M Technology Award 2009

Suppliers in the furnishings, interior design and architecture sectors have until August 21 to present their latest new designs this year.

Since it was launched in 2007, the annual M Technology Award 2009 has been organised and managed by iF International Forum Design GmbH of Hanover.
Awards will be presented to the most interesting new developments and solutions, products and designs for furniture and interior decoration sub-supplies in the world this year.
Entries are welcome for all kinds of ZOW products - materials, chemical products, surfaces, interior decoration components, built-in systems and elements, hardware, semi-products and plans, as well as related services.
The awards ceremony will be held in the fall during ZOW in Italy.
The winners of the 2009 competition will be officially announced on October 21, the opening day of ZOW Verona.
The official partner of this third edition of the competition is the Italian industrial design association ADI (Associazione per il Disegno Industriale - Delegazione Nord Est).




blue in architecture 09


blue in architecture 09
Water, Climate Change and Architecture

September 24_ 27 2009
Palazzo Badoer, Venice, Italy

Iuav University in Venice - "Sustainable urban design strategies" department with the Faculty of Architecture and the Doctorate School are promoting the First “blue in architecture 09” International Symposium.

blue in architecture 09 is an international convention on the theme of water intended to promote awareness of the importance of urban, economic and environmental technological sustainability in design with the aim of improving the quality of planning and design processes.
The three-day blue in architecture 09 symposium scheduled for September 24 through 27 2009 will focus on five themes:

_ topic one | Climate, water, energy and the city
_ topic two | Climate change and emergency strategies
_ topic three | Architecture in a world without water
_ topic four | Liquid ethics
_ topic five | Amphibious architecture

If you are interested in participating in "blue in architecture 09" as a speaker on these topics, submit an abstract of your speech by July 21 2009.
If you are selected, you must submit your speech by September 1 2009.

The convention will be conducted exclusively in English.

blue in architecture 09
Water, Climate Change and Architecture

focus and debates on a fluid and sustainable future
September 24_ 27 2009
Palazzo Badoer, Venice, Italy





Design for a living world

Design for a living world
May 14 2009 – January 4 2010
Cooper-Hewitt Museum, New York

The "Design for a living world" exhibition at New York’s Cooper-Hewitt Museum focuses designers’ attention on the choice of sustainable natural materials.

Nature Conservancy, an organisation for the protection of land and water all over the world, asked 10 designers to create objects from natural resources to reveal the life cycle of the materials used.
The result is an ecological collection whose origins are certified by the territorial surveillance of the Nature Conservancy, now on display at the Cooper-Hewitt Museum in New York in the exhibition "Design for a living world".
The designers present, and the places where they worked on their projects, are: Yves Behar/Costa Rica; Stephen Burks/Australia; Hella Jongerius/Mexico; Maya Lin/Maine; Christien Meindertsma/Idaho; Isaac Mizrahi/Alaska; Abbott Miller/Bolivia;
Ted Muehling/Micronesia; Kate Spade/Bolivia; and Ezri Tarazi/China.
The exhibition includes prototypes, designs and finished products of interest to functional and aesthetic-expressive research.
The challenge inspires us "to think about the products we use - where they come from, how they are made and what the impacts are on our planet and on local communities", says Nature Conservancy president Mark Tercek.

Cooper-Hewitt Museum, New York
May 14, 2009-January 4, 2010
<2 East 91st Street New York, NY 10128 | 212.849.8400

Presented by Abbott Miller, graphic designer, and Ellen Lupton, curator of contemporary design at Cooper Hewitt.