Monday, May 17, 2010


C A L L - F O R - E N T R I E S

TIVOLI AUDIO together with designboom promotes an international design competition. Participation is open to applicants from every country in the world, to professionals, students, and design-enthusiasts.
free registration required.


TIVOLI AUDIO is a world leader in the design and manufacture of table radios. The company was founded in 2000 with the goal of bringing beautifully designed, simple-to-use, high quality audio products to the consumer. for the past 10 years, TIVOLI AUDIO has become world renowned by introducing some of the finest and highly acclaimed audio products ever made.

From the beginning, exceptional design has defined the brand so in honour of its 10th anniversary, TIVOLI AUDIO is inviting designers, illustrators, and photographers from around the world to participate in a special international competition celebrating the design, creativity and success of the audio company.

You are asked to prepare a poster to celebrate TIVOLI AUDIO's 10th anniversary, using the medium of your choice: illustration, photography, painted, hand drawn or computer aided etc.

The winning artist’s work will be featured on a billboard at 1535 marriott marquis rotunda mesh face in Times Square, NYC for the month of November 2010.

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